Family Business for Over 30 Years in The Bronx

Gold Coast Has been in business for almost 30 years and located in the Bronx for 13 years. The market has been serving local communities specialty foods from African, Caribbean, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Gold Coast Supermarket has even released our own brand of West African & Caribbean Goods called Supreme. Learn more about Supreme & Alomo Bitters.


Building Community Around Tradition & Family

What Makes Gold Coast Supermarket so special is that it is a family-run, hands-on, specialty supermarket that provides unique foods and products from different parts of the world. We have specialty West African products, but we also cater to specialty Caribbean products, Asian foods, Indian spices and more! We consider ourselves the “African Costco”.



History of Gold Coast Trading Co.

The name for Gold Coast Supermarket came from our origin in West Africa. “Gold Coast” is the original name for Ghana. In the early 90s, the founder of Gold Coast Supermarket noticed how hard it was to get his native food in New York. There were only certain parts of the city that would carry these types of foods. This is when he decided to open his first shop in Brooklyn, NY, and then moved to the Bronx in 2000. The market started to grow and 4 other African markets appeared in the same space, so there was a lot of competition and not much room for growth. We manage to survive till 2006, but then the city kicked us out of the market to build the shopping complex that is currently in our former location. It was a tough time to move, but we found a perfect place in the Bronx for us to continue building our community and values. In 2006 we opened up at our current location in the Bronx and couldn’t be happier with what we’ve built here.

At Gold Coast Supermarket our philosophy is simple: bring good quality products from the best sources across the world to you. We’ve built a place where you’re free to ask questions, feel at home, and even get a taste of our home. Whether you’ve tried these products and/or traditional dishes before – we’re here to help point you in the right direction and get you what you need to fill your kitchen and dining tables. We’re all a family in here, so you’ll notice that the care you get from us is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in a large supermarket.