The Supreme brand is focused on bringing customers quality of foods from places across the globe. What makes these products unique is their mixtures of quality and value. All products are made from natural sources and their optimal locations; At Gold Coast Supermarket we carry palm cream and oil from Ghana, corn beef from Brazil, aguish from Nigeria, and different spices from India. All Supreme products are checked for quality and put against the finest standards before hitting the shelves. We’ve expanded past our first can of mackerel and now we have a long continuously growing list of more than 30 products, we hope you like what you see and if you have any questions please contact us.


What Our Customers Have To Say…

“There isn't a market near my home that is as extensive as this one. Also, It's close to my friends house. So, when I come out to the Bronx, I can buy what I need and visit my BFF. I'm very happy with this discovery. They have everything I need.”

— Natalie B. - New York

“All African goods you can think of at great price too. The best African market I know.”

— Kpin T. - New York