The Alomo derives from one of Ghana’s local languages meaning intimacy. Alomo Bitters is an invigorating blend of herbal extracts from carefully selected and scientifically researched tropical plant extracts. Alomo’s plant extracts are supplied by the center for scientific research into plant medicine – Mampong, Akwapim – which is in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It is produced in Ghana by the Kasapreko Company Limited and is based on a secret family recipe. Alomo Bitters is the leading herbal spirit in Africa and is patronized all over the world.


Dr. Kwabena Adjei, who created Alomo Bitters, developed the alcoholic drink to support blood circulation, good health, and vitality. Alomo Bitters was created to connect people – bring couples closer, enrich friendships, and make social moments that are memorable. Alomo contains properties that remedy:

  • Body Aches & Pains

  • Piles Menstrual Cramps in Women

  • Enhances Appetite

  • Blood Circulation

  • Vitality & more!

Alomo Bitters is so far the only scientifically evaluated herbal based alcoholic beverage in Ghana and it remains authentically African. It was also ranked amongst the top 5 emerging alcoholic brands in the world be CNN Money Pole. Alomo was also awarded the “Life Time Product Of The Year” by West African Magazine in 2015.

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Closest location: HUB Bronx Liquor & Wine



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